Buying cars and public radio.

[ image courtesy of .:sandman / Flickr ]

The Media Audit released a report detailing the effects of the public radio on new car buyers. This should be welcome news for all of those involved in underwriting. Nothing new here.

A quote from the report, from David Schackmann, Corporate Sales Manager for Cincinnati Public Radio: “…our stations are listened to by half of all BMW owners.”

That is an admirable figure in some regards, but possibly alarming from a serving-diverse-audiences perspective. But, as more and more public media organizations are required to find funding to sustain their day-to-day functions, this sort of thing is a blessing. Here is to hoping that firewall between underwriting and programming remains firmly in place as institutional funding dwindles for many public media entities.

How will this translate to the next public radio media audience? Will those consumers fall in line with the current consumption habits of the demographic automatically [i.e. buying BMWs]?

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