Laudable feature: FM Tuner

I have criticized the iPod time and again for not including an FM tuner.

Apple will sell you an FM Tuner for $50 to plug into that iPod of yours. It is not included when you buy an iPod. It is a bit clumsy, since it lives outside of the iPod. We talked about this last year here on Superfly.

When the Microsoft’s somewhat late-to-the-game portable digital media player, the Zune, started appearing in rumor form on teh internets it was replete with FM Tuner. It went to production with that FM Tuner, and now Microsoft is airing commercials with that very feature highlighted as one of the four big ones.

This advert was not seen on a baby boomer demographic-friendly TV station–I saw it on MTV. Think of it: advertising FM Radio as a feature to the younger set. Who knew?

Oddly enough, they don’t list one of the major features [but it is shown in the video itself] is the social media aspect of the player. Zune allows users to share a track they have on their Zune with another user’s, wirelessly. Neat feature. It is not without some suspect DRM, however. Songs can only be played by the recipient a couple of time in a couple of days. Good idea, poorly executed.

Here is the commercial:

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