To Facebook or not?

Social Network giant Facebook is having the best year ever.

(Except perhaps for that unfortunate name that those frequent users have for it: Facecrack.)

Much glowing press was heaped upon the resurgent provider on social networking tools after their big announcement earlier this month. They will be opening up their platform to the world of widgets. [Widgets in this case meaning little, embeddable applications that users can build to bring content automatically from one place to another.]

Blogger Rick Skrenta ponders in the context of that; specifically about the fickle demeanor and MTV attention spans of users of Facebook and other social networking sites. He notes a “flash mob” mentality of web users which can help some social media tools whilst harming others. These users go to the site with the most people in exodus from the other. That is so five minutes ago, yeah?

Skrenta goes on to note that Facebook had an early lead on MySpace. The open-sourcing of some of Facebook’s functionality has likely served to bolster this resurgence in their popularity.

Are widgets enough? MySpace is busy hinting at possible deals with more established companies like eBay in hopes of offering another layer of service & function to the hummingbird users, perhaps luring them to stay a while longer. We have noted in the past here that the world of social media is growing more and more fragmented; a trend that may give these more generically-focused providers reason for alarm.

See this vid for a fine explanation, and an example of a Facebook widget:

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