Users generate content, Old Media uses it.

MediaPost recently discussed findings by JupiterResearch that indicate half of online users are creating or consuming user-generated content. One-third of the 55+ set are doing the same.

Travel Channel’s “What’s Your Trip,” hosted by the colorful cook, author, and television host Anthony Bourdain, features user-submitted travel videos. If they are good enough, they make it to the on-air version of the show for all to see.

CNN Headline News has a new weekly program consisting of content submitted by users titled “News to Me.” Up to this point, user-generated content has been only interspersed with their regular content, and only when the CNN teams cannot capture it themselves.

Even the New York Times is getting in on it, by expanding the “Weddings/Celebrations” section to include user-submitted videos about how they met for a new section, aptly titled, “How We Met.” As MediaPost points out, this is the first time that the NY Times has called for and posted user-generated content.

What is next? Television commercials with user-generated content? Oh yeah, that has been done already too; even the Colonel got in on it:

The main point to be made here is that user-generated content is rising in popularity in major media outlets. They are still careful with it, serving as the filter and curator. This may be the balance struck between the two, and the consumers may thank them for it. As the base of user generated content grows, the signal-to-noise ratio of it gets greater and greater. Good stuff gets buried.

Let us hope that the major outlets have the chops to keep up.

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