Toyota’s Scion brand: a media company, too?

Brandweek reports that automaker Toyota’s youth-oriented brand, Scion, has launched their own branded radio player on their website. The term radio should be interpreted loosely here, as there is far more than just audio here. Videos of Scion owners’ gatherings, races, short independent films, live music performances, and more traditional “radio stations.” These stations are […]

Social media is the answer [?]

Radio 2.0 blogger Mark Ramsey highlights today an announcement from Philadelphia’s WXPN; they will be gathering the 885 Most Memorable Musical Moments. [885 corresponds with WXPN’s FM frequency 88.5 — clever.] He posits that which may be on other people’s minds as they see more and more social media vehicles emerge: “One of the toughest […]

Capitalism Done Right? Perhaps.

This is a nifty bit of widget right here: Goodstorm has created a service that allows users to create a “mixtape” widget to place on their MySpace, Facebook, or blog. Users select songs from the list of 2+ million songs in their back catalog from an array of labels, or they can upload their own […]