Since we are on a theme of sorts this month, what say we keep this whole social network thing rolling? Two more niche social networking sites have popped onto the SuperFly radar in the last week. One, focused on the 40-60 age demo, and the other on “creative people.” TeeBeeDee is going after the older […]

Facebook in the Flesh

[ image courtesy of laffy4k / Flickr ] Forgive me for yet another post about Facebook. The rest of the media / blogosphere has not given me a respite on the ‘Book, so I must continue to comment upon it. The media that sparks this entry was the old-school format of teh magazine. The New […]

Facebook: just another outlet for the ‘chattering class?’

[ image courtesy of ireallylikecake / Flickr ] The fab BBC news podcast NewsPod from September 12th featured a report that first aired on the BBC Radio 4 service. This report asks the question, “Is Facebook the playground for the chattering class?” Some weeks ago NPR launched an application within Facebook that allows members to […]