Nothing happening here but PR and adverts.

Sprint is busy with a new PR campaign touting their branded WiMax system. Did they use perfectly good words already in existence to describe this service, or did they go with a quasi-portmanteau? The latter, of course. It shall be known as “Xohm.” [Clever, but do they realize that Ohm is also a measure of resistance in the world of electrical engineering?]

WiMax is something that we have discussed at length. Nothing new lives in this campaign other than the dollars to make people aware of it. The Sprint people do a classy job of that, as evidenced in this video:
Adverts for the re-vamped Chrysler Town & Country minivan are airing now — these ads are the fruition of a story we covered several months ago. Along with some other nifty features, this minivan has a parent/child-pleasing option of Sirius Backseat TV. It was just a matter of time before the satellite radio folks pursued the technology of in-car satellite TV once their units were in the sky and running. It is, of course, all data to the devices, whether video or audio content. Here is a video from the product announcement in March:

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