Tivoli’s Nifty New Net Radio

The above image is taken from a presentation earlier this year announcing the Tivoli NetWorks tabletop radio. I ran across this in the most recent issue of Metropolitan Home. It looks much like the other Tivoli radios in the famous Henry Kloss style. There is a big difference — this one picks up internet radio stations via wifi. Just today they announced that the radios will be shipping in early 2008.

That in itself is nothing new, as radios that play internet radio stations have been available for some time from some specialty companies. However, when a manufacturer so known for making radios takes on the world of wifi and internet radio, attention must be paid.

What is more telling is this bit on their FAQ section, explaining why they are not yet manufacturing HD radios:

Why hasn’t Tivoli Audio manufactured an HD radio?
There are several obstacles that must be overcome before we can bring a Tivoli Audio HD radio to market.

The first is cost. Until this technology becomes less expensive, it is not possible to manufacture an HD radio that is economical for our customers. Secondly, but just as important, is sound quality. The HD broadcast fidelity varies greatly from station to station and often leaves much to be desired, despite what you may read in the press.

Once manufacturing costs come down and the sound quality is what you have become accustomed to hearing from a Tivoli Audio radio, we will manufacture a Tivoli HD radio. Until then, you can continue to enjoy high fidelity sound from any one of our fine analog radios. Our radios will not be obsolete anytime soon.

That has got to be tough. Poor HD radio. Looks like you have been passed over.

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