The Internets are bound for the sewer.

[ image courtesy of Joe M500 / Flickr ] The Internets are bound for the sewer. Literally. The BBC has a story today about an Ofcom pronouncement that indicates the new home of the mega-fast internets could be in the sewer. Basically, this is not that big of a deal. France is doing it already. […]

Music = video games & deodorant

[ image courtesy of Jordon / Flickr ] As I sit listening to a real CD, I am nearly put to tears today about where the music industry has tread. Two announcements passed before my eyes:1. Def Leppard art debuting their new single in video game “Guitar Hero III” [thanks Shiny Shiny]2. Hip-hop producer Jermaine […]

I am not making this up: Tastebook

My wife is a fabulous cook. She gets her ideas from all over the place — family, friends, cookbooks, and, most recently, the Internets. for years she has been a frequent visitor of popular site Epicurious has been one of those places that was ahead of the social media curve in the same sense […]