Peerless Iowa Flood coverage

The floods of 2008 have been covered in a way that those of 1993 and 1999 were not. This has been close to my heart, as I have family that was affected by these floods. My grandparents’ home was rendered uninhabitable by the flood waters, so naturally I wanted to know what was going on […]

CNN Shirt [Beta]

Here is a novel idea — take headlines, and put them on t-shirts, on demand. Clever, ironic, and just the thing for all of your news-following hipster friends. I noticed this on the CNN website for the first time today — there is a little t-shirt-shaped icon next to some of the stories with intriguing […]

MySpace gets a face[book] lift

[ image courtesy of Robotson / Flickr ] It is about bloody time that MySpace gets a face lift. The Internets are abuzz about what this will actually mean for the almighty ‘Space. This comes less than a month after the announcement that Facebook was about to have a freshening. I know many people that […]