MySpace gets a face[book] lift

[ image courtesy of Robotson / Flickr ]

It is about bloody time that MySpace gets a face lift. The Internets are abuzz about what this will actually mean for the almighty ‘Space. This comes less than a month after the announcement that Facebook was about to have a freshening.

I know many people that have accounts in more than one place; the MySpace/Facebook dichotomy seems to be one of the most common. They have different uses for them, different contacts on each service. The one thing that these 2+ members say is this: MySpace sucks.

Even on a professional level, colleagues have noted that it is:
1. a wasteland
2. for teenagers and pedophiles
3. a lost cause

MySpace read the writing on the SuperWall and put into place their version of the wildly successful Applications, and are now set to refine their navigation and layout to make things easier to deal with and less dissonant.

These sites seem to be going in a common direction, but Facebook appears to be leading the way. Being the underdog in terms of page views is not necessarily a bad thing when you actually have an operational strategy in place.

That is not to say that MySpace doesn’t do anything well — they are still one of the best places to keep up on your favorite bands. FB has tried to emulate some of this; they have the tools in place. However, there is no replacement for that instant cognition that people of a certain age have when in comes to seeking more info on a musical act: look at their MySpace page. No amount of clean interface will get you that.

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