BBC World News on YouTube

The international component of the BBC, BBC World News has established a presence to non-UK web audience on that internet video service you may well have heard about — YouTube. According to their website: “BBC World is the BBC’s commercially funded, international 24-hour news and information channel, broadcast in English in more than 200 countries […]

Facebook: just another outlet for the ‘chattering class?’

[ image courtesy of ireallylikecake / Flickr ] The fab BBC news podcast NewsPod from September 12th featured a report that first aired on the BBC Radio 4 service. This report asks the question, “Is Facebook the playground for the chattering class?” Some weeks ago NPR launched an application within Facebook that allows members to […]


[ image courtesy of tgigreeny / Flickr ] The BBC Backstage is an initiative created to encourage “open innovation” with BBC materials. Their site suggests that even though innovation like this was frowned upon in the past, it will now be fomented there. From the site: The BBC will support social innovation by encouraging users’ […]