Online Radio Troubles

[image via Modern Mechanix ] Teh internets are all a-buzz today with the news of a decision from the Copyright Royalty Board [CRB]. As we discussed before, the CRB determined that a royalty rate hike on songs played by internet radio streams was in order. There is a fine article at the BBC that lays […]

Internet Radio in Danger in the US.

[ image courtesy of yomanimus / Flickr ] There has been much discussion surrounding the fallout of the Copyright Royalty Board’s [CRB] recent decision to increase the royalty amount that US internet radio stations will have to pay. It is a graduated plan, set to double in five years, and includes all stations commercial and […]

Ofcom is REALLY prolific.

Remeber yesterday when I said that Ofcom was prolific? If you didn’t believe me, here are 324 additional pages, released today, with which I shall refute you. [This is in addition to the 221-page report they released yesterday.] They have put together a set of essays from a series of knowledgeable experts from across the […]