Tivoli’s Nifty New Net Radio

The above image is taken from a presentation earlier this year announcing the Tivoli NetWorks tabletop radio. I ran across this in the most recent issue of Metropolitan Home. It looks much like the other Tivoli radios in the famous Henry Kloss style. There is a big difference — this one picks up internet radio […]

Time & Money

[ image courtesy of Refracted Moments™ / Flickr ] Edison Media and Arbitron have released a report detailing the usage habits of consumers of audio. Not a great deal has changed; online listening and awareness of satellite radio services remain flat, almost everyone uses a mobile phone and an AM/FM radio at some point during […]

HD Radio, for real?

[ image courtesy of dctourism / Flickr ] It is a big day today for radio. The FCC is meeting, as I type. On the agenda for the day a vote for final approval of IBOC [aka HD Radio.] This vote has been pending for many, many months. Last year it was delayed due to […]