Rumor: iPods and unlimited music

[ image courtesy of Mickipedia / Flickr ] If you are like me, then you are following all things that are related to the iPhone and music. If you are not, then you might be surprised to hear the rumors that Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, is having some discussions that would have some interesting […]

‘Click to content’

Verizon Wireless, a mobile phone service provider and popular topic around here, recently began airing ads for a new service called “VCAST Song ID.” VCAST is the name given to the rich-media service Verizon offers to its subscribers. Music ID is a clever, albeit not new idea. When a user is out and about and […]

Steve Jobs disses DRM.

[ image courtesy of finn / Flickr ] In a remarkable entry yesterday on the Apple, Inc. website, icon Steve Jobs has made some surprising statements. He was discussing the world of digital rights management [DRM] and how it pertains to music purchased in the iTunes store. He speaks distastefully of the “secrets” required to […]