WiFi on your phone: game over, people.

Here it is, yet another phone with the WiFi access built in. This isn’t necessarily something new, but this will be the way of the future. I don’t wish to prattle on and on about mobiles, but more and more and more people around me on my daily commute are using them. And they are […]

Sore thumbs?

Do you see who that is in the photo above? It is Britney Spears, and she is using the new Samsung U-740 mobile phone. Do you know who else has one of these? Me, of course! I do a fair bit of consumption of content on my mobile phone, and I thought this would be […]

Mobile’s woes & hopes.

[ image courtesy of djwudi / Flickr ] Google has been rumored for some time to be pursuing a mobile phone strategy of sorts. Word this week on the CNET News Blog is that a Taiwanese manufacturer is getting started on the production of an alleged unit that uses a Google operating system. Many other […]