Online Radio Troubles

[image via Modern Mechanix ] Teh internets are all a-buzz today with the news of a decision from the Copyright Royalty Board [CRB]. As we discussed before, the CRB determined that a royalty rate hike on songs played by internet radio streams was in order. There is a fine article at the BBC that lays […]

Radio Consolidation Ten Years After

The Future of Music Coalition released a report detailing the effects of radio consolidation ten years after the signing of the Telecommunication Act of 1996. [For the super eager, you can read the full Act right here.] It should be noted that the Coalition likely has a stake in the outcome of such a study, […]

Ofcom is prolific & controversial

[ image courtesy of smagdali / Flickr ] Ofcom, the UK’s equivalent of the FCC, issuer of immense reports, and water branding mavens [?], has had a busy week. First, they issued a statement that stopped just short of whacking the last coffin nail on AM & FM in the UK. They argue that the […]