Is that a complete news studio in your pocket, or…

Have you ever been witness to some piece of technology, earlier dismissed, that now proves to be a an obvious chunk of awesome? Count me in on the streaming live video front now. As the McCain/Palin ticket graced the fringes of the Twin Cities metro on Friday I had a unique opportunity to witness some […]

Amazon: Video on Demand

[ image courtesy of moneboh / Flickr ] Our friends at this week announced a Beta of their video on demand service. It has been described by the EVP of Amazon, Bill Carr, as an outgrowth of their Unbox video download service. People were bummed they had to wait for the video to download […]

Yahoo to add video to photo sharing site Flickr

[ image courtesy of Robert of Fairfax / Flickr ] Word on the street is that Yahoo, proud owners of one of the most prominent photo-sharing sites on the Internets, Flickr, will be offering video hosting. This is interesting to me, in particular, as I downloaded the Flickr Uploadr for photos just this morning. [Soon […]