I am not making this up: Tastebook

My wife is a fabulous cook. She gets her ideas from all over the place — family, friends, cookbooks, and, most recently, the Internets. for years she has been a frequent visitor of popular site epicurious.com. Epicurious has been one of those places that was ahead of the social media curve in the same sense […]

Yahoo! Special K!

I saw an ad on the TV this morning that ended with an uncommon call-to-action. Special K, that Kellogg’s diet standby, asked me to go to Yahoo to search for “Special K diet.” I have seen this before; some years ago Pontiac pointed people to Google to search for ‘Pontiac.’ They did the same thing […]

Wait for it… *pop*

[ image courtesy of Paul J. Thompson / Flickr ] This delightful image from Paul J. Thompson on Flickr shows a bubble bursting in a mudpot at Yellowstone National Park. Here, gases flow up from the ground and percolate through the mud. Like many bubbles, they are intermittent, unpredictable, and quick to burst. The ones […]