WiFi on your phone: game over, people.

Here it is, yet another phone with the WiFi access built in. This isn’t necessarily something new, but this will be the way of the future. I don’t wish to prattle on and on about mobiles, but more and more and more people around me on my daily commute are using them. And they are […]

Toyota’s Scion brand: a media company, too?

Brandweek reports that automaker Toyota’s youth-oriented brand, Scion, has launched their own branded radio player on their website. The term radio should be interpreted loosely here, as there is far more than just audio here. Videos of Scion owners’ gatherings, races, short independent films, live music performances, and more traditional “radio stations.” These stations are […]

Online Radio Troubles

[image via Modern Mechanix ] Teh internets are all a-buzz today with the news of a decision from the Copyright Royalty Board [CRB]. As we discussed before, the CRB determined that a royalty rate hike on songs played by internet radio streams was in order. There is a fine article at the BBC that lays […]