WiFi on your phone: game over, people.

Here it is, yet another phone with the WiFi access built in. This isn’t necessarily something new, but this will be the way of the future. I don’t wish to prattle on and on about mobiles, but more and more and more people around me on my daily commute are using them. And they are […]

Tivoli’s Nifty New Net Radio

The above image is taken from a presentation earlier this year announcing the Tivoli NetWorks tabletop radio. I ran across this in the most recent issue of Metropolitan Home. It looks much like the other Tivoli radios in the famous Henry Kloss style. There is a big difference — this one picks up internet radio […]

Nothing happening here but PR and adverts.

Sprint is busy with a new PR campaign touting their branded WiMax system. Did they use perfectly good words already in existence to describe this service, or did they go with a quasi-portmanteau? The latter, of course. It shall be known as “Xohm.” [Clever, but do they realize that Ohm is also a measure of […]