An Intoxicating Tale of Content Strategy

An effective content strategy bridges the critical gap between online and offline worlds, and the gaps between departments. When a content strategy is put in place, business goals will be met more easily, and people’s expectations with the brand will be fulfilled. I’ll drink to that. A new product, a new opportunity There it sat, […]

Coke Fiends and Content Strategy

The Coca-Cola Company has unleashed a new type of soda fountain into the world. They’ve put some online marketing muscle to work to promote it. But is it enough? My wife is an unapologetic Diet Coke enthusiast. When she breathlessly told me about a new sort of soda fountain at the local Dairy Queen, I […]

“Go the F**k to Sleep”: Viral F**king Marketing, Or Not?

You may have seen the PDF of the book “Go the F**k to Sleep.” Written by Adam Mansbach and illustrated by Ricardo Cortés , this a charming story reminiscent of the 60+ year-old storybook “Goodnight Moon.” I read the original classic to my three-year-old every night. I first saw “Go the F**k to Sleep” forwarded […]