Photo of Clinton ForryI’m Clinton Forry. I’m a content strategist and writer.

You might know me as WD45, from the internet.

I’ve planned, produced, and edited content. I’ve broadcast, published, and analyzed content. I’ve written, tracked, and strategized around content. Since 1996. (Unless you count mix tapes, in which case, we go back even further.)

It first happened while sitting at a green-monitor Apple computer in 3rd grade. Then it was editing images on a Mac. Soon I was online for the first time. Then, writing HTML. Social media, information architecture, and content strategy followed. The world of technology has captivated my interest at every turn.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to combine my enthusiasm, technology literacy, and strategic thinking skills for the forces of good. Each step along the way is a thrill: from the beginning vision, through implementation and governance, and closing with reporting and measurements.

Content and marketing projects have been part of my everyday life for more than twenty years. And I love it.