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Social media is the answer [?]

Radio 2.0 blogger Mark Ramsey highlights today an announcement from Philadelphia’s WXPN; they will be gathering the 885 Most Memorable Musical Moments. [885 corresponds with WXPN’s FM frequency 88.5 — clever.]

He posits that which may be on other people’s minds as they see more and more social media vehicles emerge: “One of the toughest parts of integrating social media tools into a radio station website is plugging in those tools which listeners actually want to use on a radio station site as opposed to wherever they’re accustomed to using them now.”

As some major media companies spread themselves thin over all platforms to little effect, this becomes more apparent. Separate YouTube & Flickr accounts, Facebook and MySpace pages go only as far as the effort put in will take them. The decline in corporate interest in Second Life presence, both fiscally and in actual presence, points to a collective realization that perhaps the wrong tactics were used. The “L.A. Times” recently featured an article about this exodus.

Presence is not the only factor; being at the cool party doesn’t necessarily make you cool. Being able to make use of social media in a manner apropos the community and tool itself is key.