Media consumption fossil: the car record player.

Is that a photo of Lawrence Welk in his convertable with a record player installed under the dash? It sure is! Why would people want that? Well, they didn’t, really. Columbia Records and the Chrysler Corporation thought it would be a good idea. They went so far as to create another format [there is nothing […]

iPod killer will have an FM radio

Some clever folks worked their way into the FCC’s unprotected Office of Engineering and Tech website, and found that item “CJ6UMEK30AWL” happens to be the new portable music player that has the web all a-buzz: the Microsoft Zune player. Toshiba will manufacture. [You can even read the request for confidentiality here.] It has been some […]

Bob Dylan, bankrupt retailers & the new business model

Today the BBC has a story about Universal Music Group, one of the remaining behemoths in the once thriving and diverse world of record label world, announcing their backing of free music downloads. Free, that is, if you don’t mind watching some quick adverts. No word on what sort of DRM these will have attached. […]