The CNN Pipeline service.

While touring the CNN Center last week in Atlanta, I was handed a tag that I was instructed to wear at all times. On the reverse of this tag was a handy space for CNN to do a bit of focused advertising. The advert on mine was for the CNN Pipeline service. As the tag […]

Churches, bars, station outreach.

The issue of relevance in the community has come up in recent posts about terrestrial stations’ viability in the realm of non-terrestrial distribution. One example of how this is done in a number of ways is by the upper-Midwest empire that is Minnesota Public Radio. For the sake of brevity, the focus will be on […]

Will TVs and Radios soon be extinct?

Not to weigh in to heavily on gear so many days in a row, but this thing deserves attention. There have been several devices that will turn your PC into a TV, but none, insofar as my knowledge does reach, has one been so portable. The OnAir GT, as seen in the CNET video clip, […]