Time & Money

[ image courtesy of Refracted Moments™ / Flickr ] Edison Media and Arbitron have released a report detailing the usage habits of consumers of audio. Not a great deal has changed; online listening and awareness of satellite radio services remain flat, almost everyone uses a mobile phone and an AM/FM radio at some point during […]

Monetizing social networking & NBC coming soon

Advertisers are looking to get the most out of the social networking craze, as one might expect. The changes are addressed by eMarketer.com’s article “Social Network Ad Scramble.” As the phenomenon expands and becomes more granulated, it may prove to be easier for ad providers to effectively target consumers. We have referred to the splintering […]

Getting paid for that content.

My compulsive viewing of MTV does have a benefit, even if it is only keeping tabs on media phenomenon. Universal Music Group [UMG] has done a smart thing in collaboration with YouTube. The popular emo-rock band Fall Out Boy have released another album, and off it, another hit single with an accompanying music video. Since […]