BBC World News on YouTube

The international component of the BBC, BBC World News has established a presence to non-UK web audience on that internet video service you may well have heard about — YouTube. According to their website: “BBC World is the BBC’s commercially funded, international 24-hour news and information channel, broadcast in English in more than 200 countries […]

Tivoli’s Nifty New Net Radio

The above image is taken from a presentation earlier this year announcing the Tivoli NetWorks tabletop radio. I ran across this in the most recent issue of Metropolitan Home. It looks much like the other Tivoli radios in the famous Henry Kloss style. There is a big difference — this one picks up internet radio […]

Yet another download experience.

In the above image you will see a screenshot of the new Amazon MP3 Downloader application, superimposed with my single-word evaluation. Being an incurable music buyer for several years, I have had a great deal of experience with all of the major music download-for-$ places. This is by far the easiest and smoothest deal by […]