iTunes #2, for now.

[ image courtesy of kunstlab / Flickr ] Arkansas juggernaut seller of all things Wal-Mart had better keep an eye over shoulder. Business Week reports that iTunes has surpassed Best Buy and Target to become the #2 music retailer. states that the download store sold 20 million tracks on Christmas day 2007. In one […]


[ image courtesy of Kaptain Krispy Kreme / Flickr ] The day of reckoning for one of the extended-resolution video formats has come. Toshiba announced that it will no longer pour cash down the HD DVD hole. The BBC News site has a quick Q&A about what went down. Wal-Mart backed the competing format, Blu-Ray, […]

The games we play

While watching a movie on the USA Network yesterday, I was pelted with appeals to visit the USA website; this is normal. What they were promoting is less common, but becoming more so. USA has a section on their website, launched last year, that invites viewers to create avatars and play games based on the […]