Happy Twitter Accidents

As some of you may know, I am on Twitter under not only one, but two aliases: @wd45, my personal account, and @PRI, for my company. Anyone that manages multiple Twitter accounts will tell you that the third-party applications out there, like Seesmic and TweetDeck were a godsend for easily managing them. Mostly. TweetDeck makes […]

090909 was a time machine

Three items happened in the past week that made me think that I stepped out of a time machine rather than the bus. 1. The Beatles had their albums reissued on CD2. The iPod Nano update included a FM radio3. The Chevy Volt electric car will now include a hitch so that it can be […]

I rented a movie from Amazon

[image: Flickr via user aka Kath (cc: by)] I like to take things slow sometimes. I never bought a VCR – the one I used for years was won at the University of Northern Iowa Jazz Band concert. It was a door prize. The grand prize. I did spend three bills on a DVD player […]