the McDonald’s neo-tabletop jukebox concept.

[photo courtesy of Krypto / Flickr] Remember those old tabletop jukebox controllers that allowed you to select tunes without leaving your swell milkshake? [Like the one pictured above?] McDonald’s has decided to dust of that old idea for the modern age. Engadget reports that the omnipresent burger purveyor has started rolling out, to select franchises, […]

Arbitron and schizophrenic media

Mediaweek is reporting that Arbitron will delay the inclusion of satellite radio in diaries for the Fall 2006 sweep. They need time to ensure that folks report things accurately, as some things that are on satellite radio are also on terrestrial radio. Plus, many terrestrial radio stations stream their content online as well. I wonder […]

Folks like the iPod

[photo courtesy of cyandrea / Flickr] It appears that folks in Europe like the iPod. But they don’t like iTunes, says the BBC. Most of the music on those portables is ripped from real CDs. I am neither European, nor an ideal example, but that is the same way I am consuming music. Old-school, I […]