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Opera, 2.0

[photo of Enrico Caruso, opera’s first recording superstar]

The Metropolitan Opera has just inked a deal with several providers to facilitate the distribution of their operatic ones and zeros.

There will be live RealAudio streams on the Met’s website, 1500 historic radio broadcasts available via Rhapsody, live broadcasts over satellite radio, and simulcast of performances in movie theaters. Future plans will address the opportunities via DVD, CD, downloads, and “opera ring-tones”.

Imagine the embarassment of having your mobile phone ring to the tune of Nessun Dorma in the middle of a theatrical viewing of Gianni Schicci.

The police in Minneapolis have taken to blasting, at an alarming volume, operatic arias via the soundsystem to discourage loitering in certain places downtown. Perhaps the Met should look into licensing that as well…