content strategy

Artist = Consumer = Artist

There has been no shortage of discussion on how the line between content consumers and creators is being more and more blurred. A number of artist have offered tracks up for remix, whole albums, artwork, etc.

Now, it appears that there is a new group in Dodge that is looking to gather like-minded folks around this very directive. It is called CASH [for Coalition for Artists and Stakeholders.] Before the Wu-Tang Clan refrain of “cash rules everything around me” begins, look at what the group is set to do:

CASH Music: a Coalition of Artists and Stake Holders. CASH is a platform for engagement. A way for audiences and creators to exchange creative perspectives and ideas. Why is this good? Because it’s how thing are now — and in our humble opinion it’s a change for the better. An engaged and participating audience has a stake in the continuation and existence of the artistic output. An engaged audience is a healthy, vibrant ‘scene’ grown up around creative works.

They are using the Creative Commons licensing concept to eventually let fans do legally what they have been doing in basements and garages for years. And, they are letting them post it near the original conceptions. It is a subscription based model, offering at least some semblance of a business model. Keep an eye on it!