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CNN Shirt [Beta]

Here is a novel idea — take headlines, and put them on t-shirts, on demand. Clever, ironic, and just the thing for all of your news-following hipster friends.

I noticed this on the CNN website for the first time today — there is a little t-shirt-shaped icon next to some of the stories with intriguing headlines. The only other icon there is the video camera denoting video content. There is a list of all of the shirts they have come up with so far here. Some highlights:

“Robo restaurant a hit with diners”
“Food zips on rails in automated eatery.”
“Look out! Your groceries are shrinking!”

As you can see, these are the lighter stories, as I am certain CNN does not want to immortalize certain things in shirt form with their logo. Other things, they will.

The design is simple: the headline, and in a smaller font below, the phrase “I just saw it on” followed by the date and time that the article was posted.

This, combined with their Twitter feeds, will have them in with the cool kids.