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I was on the Content Strategy Podcast!

My former boss Kristina Halvorson invited me to chat about all things content strategy on the Content Strategy Podcast!

I worked with Kristina at Brain Traffic in 2010 and 2011, during which the company put on the first Confab conference. Memories…

We reminisced about the early days of the content strategy community, our complementary definitions of content strategy, and whether or not “team personas” is a thing. I HAD A BLAST.

Give it a listen, if only to hear my rich baritone voice:

content strategy publications

I Wrote an Article for A List Apart, OMG

I recently had the distinct pleasure of writing an article for the esteemed A List Apart website: “‘Like’-able Content: Spread Your Message with Third-Party Metadata.”

The article is the result of a need for a definitive guide for the creation and implementation of third-party metadata. Now that Facebook and Twitter have their own proprietary metadata schemes, the time had come to look at how those schemes impact the creation and overall message of online content.

Frustration with scattered resources and a lack of editorial guidelines led me to believe that other folks might like to learn about this as well. (I’d been thinking about third-party metadata quite a bit, as a part of a work project.) MY PAIN = YOUR GAIN.

Have a look-see. Let me know what you think!