Top Six Things

Top Six Superhero Day Job Cover Names Based on Names of US States

  1. Dakota Maryland
  2. Virginia Maine
  3. Georgia Washington
  4. Montana Michigan
  5. Illinois Wisconsin
  6. Pennsylvania Massachusetts-Hampshire
Top Six Things

Top Six List Of Lists Of Lists

  1. List of lists of islands of the European Union 
  2. List of lists of national institutions and symbols
  3. List of lists of ancient kings
  4. List of metalloid lists
  5. List of lists about Omaha
  6. List of lists of extreme points
Top Six Things

Top Six Favorite Rhyming Hyphenated Nonsense Compound Words Featured In The 1947 Hank Williams, Sr. Song “Rootie Tootie”

  1. Hotsy-totsy
  2. Humpty-dumpty
  3. Wicky-wacky
  4. Hinky-dinky
  5. Tootsie-wootsie
  6. Rootie-tootie
Top Six Things

Top Six Things That My Father, The Retired Park Ranger, Found In The Park

1. A bag filled with the near-complete written works of Louis L’Amour, in paperback

2. A completely disassembled house fan that when re-assembled, worked properly

3. Knives of all sorts

4. Turkey fryer, new and unused in its original box

5. Cash

6. Things you don’t even want to know about

Top Six Things

Top Six Favorite Obscure Units Of Measure

  1. Hank (sausage casings)
  2. Rod (surveying)
  3. Pica (typography)
  4. Jigger (liquid volume)
  5. Dessertspoon (cooking measure, UK)
  6. Cord (dry volume)
Top Six Things

Top Six Things I Have Done While Sleepwalking

1. Searching the room/bed with a flashlight for hyenas/rats/hornets/feral cats

2. Sitting straight up, shouting, “Holy motherf*cking sh*t”

3. Standing on the bed, trying to disable an imagined camera in the light fixture

4. Attempting to adjust the curtain rod with a screwdriver while fake-laughing at a joke someone told

5. Holding up the shelves above my bed, as they had turned into fur and were about to fall

6. Standing on the edge of the bed, jumping off, and ending in a full Olympic dismount